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These large, premier, Touch events take a lot of planning and operational delivery. We therefore want to acknowledge and thank those in the event delivery team.

The week leading up to the event was certainly a challenging one, but we are immensely proud with how the whole Touch community came together and supported this event.

Countless message of encouragement has genuinely meant the world to us, so thank you to every single person who’s been in touch.

Planning and delivering an tournament of this size, in another country was always going to be testing, but the team of people who have been in the background helping and then those in-venue who stepped up too have been truly amazing.

As the adrenaline has subsided and we are back at our desks, it’s hard not to reflect and share some highlights and thank yous.

The Teams - Such a great mixture of national training squads, club teams and ‘select’ groups, across all the divisions. Going from 10 teams in our inaugural year, to 22 teams in our second, makes us know we are providing a great product.

The Touch spirit - Malaysia brought a men's 50s team and with some very late dropouts, they flew out with just 8 players. Even though they were relatively inexperienced, they played with so much spirit and hope. With dwindling numbers, the touch fraternity jumped in to help, as both players and refs alike, donned the Malaysian colours and helped out. Truly great to see.

Thank you Mr Ahmad Sufiani Johari for organising and also travelling 36 hours to come and support the event.

Our awesome resident photographer - Steve RH for the amazing photos - Some have already been published already, here

The Referee Team - A super strong and friendly crew from 14 countries.

Excellent work both on and off the fields and super happy to see so many finally friends rewarded with thoroughly deserved upgrades after years of hard work. Shout out to Matthew Boesen and Marc Rosenstiehl for their coaching and the European Federation of Touch - Referee Commission for pragmatically enabling this event to have the category status to allow such important progress.

The Event Delivery crew - Nothing was too much trouble and these guys had my back all weekend. Erick and Linda Acker ran tournament HQ, whilst Kevin Hill’s input before and during was invaluable, as always.

The OT7 Event crew, both on-site and behind their desks, helped deliver another professional event - as always going above and beyond the call of duty, to ensure seamless delivery.

From the graphics, social media and team documentation, to the negotiations and in-country delivery. First to arrive and last to leave, it simply wouldn’t have happened without your dedication and positive attitude.

The feedback has been excellent and it’s a credit to everyone involved.

So many (too many to mention) others also stepped up to ensure things ran smoothly. Many hands make light work. Thank you.

Touch N Tapas 2024 planning is in full swing already.

#OT7TNT24 dates will be out soon and we look forward to seeing you on the seven, soon!

Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming events as they’re released, and sign up to our mailing list so you’re upto date.


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