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Following two successful days of upskilling, coaching and assessments, we had a plethora of referee badge upgrades at our event.

We ran a FREE OF CHARGE educational session, open to referees, players and coaches alike, to help with any questions or queries they might have. The feedback was excellent and we will be looking to do more of this too.

There's nothing that compares to this sort of session… I would argue I learned more than on any of my level 1, 2 or 3 theory sessions!

Just like players, our tournaments provide referees an opportunity to achieve their personal goals whether that be an upgrade, finals appointment or the chance to officiate at a higher level. This is why it was essential for us to work with the European Referee Commission to ensure we gave Level Two referees the opportunity to hit L3, along with great coaching by two highly decorated and well respected referee coaches too.

Congratulations to all our referees and referee coaches for their hard work, achievements and dedication to our second annual Touch N Tapas Event.

Referee Upgrades

Level 2

  • Axel Houillier // Belgium

  • Ewen McDonald // England

  • Joe Kruger Williams // Wales

  • Lewis Husbands // England

  • Luís Coelho // Portugal

  • Matthew Togher // Singapore

Level 3

  • Lois Lau // England

  • Celso Ferreira // Portugal

Referee of the Tournament

Finally well done to our MVR (most valuable referee) of the event, went to Lois Lau.

Lois needs no introduction to most, but this all round super star not only refereed out of her skin, played and scored for the Malaysian team she also got her long awaited and thoroughly deserved Level 3 upgrade along the way.

A worthy recipient of the title, following her total commitment throughout the event, along with her on and off-field leadership - rumour has it she was last to leave the after party too!.


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