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This is the first event using the new criteria recently published by the ERC and also the first event of 2023 giving referees the opportunity to be assessed at this level.

Having worked hard to meet and exceed all the desired and mandatory requirements, our 2023 Touch N Tapas tournament has been officially classified as Category Three by the European Referee Commission (ERC).

That means that the two high level referee coaches we have present have the ability to designate appropriate games as being of Level Three standard, giving eligible Level Two referees the ability to be assessed on their journey to a Level Three Referee Badge.

We are committed to developing the sport, globally, and providing as many opportunities for players, referees and coaches to further progress on their journey.

A big thanks to everyone involved in ensuring we got this over the line in time for the event.

We hope our Bespoke Education session will also help further educate, with practical examples and video discussions, this pilot scheme will be a key part of our event and free to attend for both players and referees alike.

Best of luck to all the referees who are looking for upgrades, along with those who are here to facilitate the games and learn along the way.


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