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​Mixed 15, 18, 20

Boys 18, 20
Girls 18, 20

Young players are the future of our sport and we are here to cater for their needs further, so they commit to a lifetime of Touch.

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Why wait until tomorrow to discover the champion you are today” was the original strapline when the first Junior Touch Championships was held back in 2014, consisting of only a Mixed 18s division comprising of just six teams.


2015 saw the addition of both the Boys 18s and Girls 18s divisions, whilst it wasn’t until 2016 in the Nederlands when the Mixed 15s was seen. Since then, the Youth scene has further developed slowly, with just a single organised competitive event per year for these age groups.

Since then, the Youth scene has further developed slowly, with one organised competitive event per year for these age groups. 

Our ambition is to continue to assist the growth, by adding a 20s division in the short to medium term too.

Our aim is to provide youth teams additional playing opportunities, to ensure they’re building their experience and are ready for international duties.

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The Mixed 15s category has had a consistently high number of teams entering the Junior European Touch Championships, since it's introduction in Arnhem, Netherlands. With the rescheduling of the JETC due to the Youth Touch World Cup planned for 2021, and then this event being deferred too, the sport is on the brink of losing a cycle of young junior athletes. We are here to ensure this does not happen!



Date and Venue:

📍 17th & 18th July | X15/B18/G18/X18 | Manchester

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Youth Events: Event Portfolio


Date and Venue:

📍 17th & 18th July | X15/B18/G18/X18 | Manchester

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