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Mens 30s, 35s, 40s, 45s, 50s

Mixed 30s
Womens 27s, 35s, 40s

With an ever-increasing player base, and an appetite for high level competition to match, our premier Seniors and Master’s events are here to meet that demand.

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We know finding events to maximise your opportunity to play at the highest level as a Seniors/Masters players can be tricky. With an increasing player base, and appetite for high level competition to match, our premier events are here to meet that demand.

Senior’s divisions are growing all the time, especially in the women’s categories, boasting seven teams entering the 2019 Womens 27s division in Malaysia and six teams at the 2022 Euros. The Senior Mixed division has recently declined, but we believe our hassle-free, high-quality events can begin to help buck this trend.


The Men’s 30s is expanding again, displaying a 75% increase between ETC18 and 22.


Likewise the Womens 35s division, which had four teams locking in their entries for the 2022 European Champs, doubling from 2018. Our aim is to give this category more opportunities for women’s teams to play, competitively.

Masters / Mens

Men's 40s, 45s and 50s were very well represented at the 2019 Touch World Cup with 25 teams from 16 countries entering. More recently, the 2022 European Championships saw 17 teams from 11 countries, and it’s set to only rise further.

Masters / Womens

The Womens Masters are progressing too, we are here to further help the growth of women’s Touch, with high level playing opportunities outside of the ‘majors’, and the addition of a Womens 40s category.

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Date and Venue:

📍 March 2024 | Seniors & Masters | Venue tbc

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