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Day 2 saw a slightly unorthodox and unique format, that went without a hitch and created some very exciting and unexpected results.

Following the late dropout of teams due to unavoidable circumstances, we had to come up with a different style playing format, that still allowed multiple games, against different teams across different categories.

Two pools were created (Cup and Plate) - based both on day 1 rankings along with consultation with team managers/captains, to ensure they were all onboard with our plans.

Our transparency and adaptability was very much appreciated by the teams and it is that, amongst a plethora of other things, which makes us stand out from the crowd. The format gave all teams a great range of age-grade Touch against several different teams and playing styles and they were all excited to get stuck in!


Well done to all the teams competing, pushing each of the winners all the way, making them earn their medals!

With relaxed rules regarding the make-up of teams, the mixing of gender groups and categories on the second day was done in a way that allowed a fun, but worthwhile experience to all attendees.

The solution may have seemed unorthodox at first glance, and yes it was unique – but worked without flaw. The format created a range of new friendships which would not otherwise have been possible, which is what we are all about!

There were some unexpected results too across the pool rounds and knockout stages too.


5th place of the Cup and Plate groups met in the Salver final. With both teams suffering losses across their relative pools, both were looking for a win before heading to the after party!

A super tense game, that saw the comets lead 2-0 until the final quarter, where CDSL scored in the final 40 seconds to take it to a draw.

2-2 at full time, we went to drop off!

The game went to 3-3 in the first two minutes of the drop off, which both teams eager for their first win of the day and to lift the trophy.

As the time ticked away, both teams dropped to three players. The German mixed team fielded just their females against the Eurocomets womens team, an excellent gesture and one of true sportspersonship.

In the sudden death stage of the drop off, Eurocomets MVP Samara Leamon went over the tryline to take the win for the comets.


Meowing their way through the whole tournament, with their ever-present energy and outrageous outfits, the Pizza Cats won 3 out 4 of their pool games and drew their final pool game against the foxes.

The mixed American contingent once again took on the Chilean Old Foxes, mens masters team, in a thrilling final, that went down to the wire. The Cats Captain, Erika Faris and second highest female scorer of the event, dived over the whitewash, just 10 seconds before the final whistle blew!

🏆 𝗖𝗨𝗣 𝗪𝗜𝗡𝗡𝗘𝗥𝗦 - Big Bang

The pool round meeting of these two teams had the Lionhearts take the W, in a tight 5-4 game.

So we knew the final would be one not to be missed!

The French based mixed 30s team, ably led by mixed MVP Christophe Lafourcade and assisted by the tournaments highest mens try scorer Xia Xu, beat the English Mens 40s team 6-4, in a reversal of the earlier pool result.

Some great Touch on show between both sides, as seen in this highlights reel of the cup final - subscribe to our channel whilst you’re over there too 🤗

A big thank you to Belief Sports for sponsoring the trophies - The teams were proud to be lifting them!🏆

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