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On The Seven Events was born in 2020 out of a passion for high-quality, competitive, premier Touch Events.

About on The Seven Events

A key driver for the creation of On The Seven Events was to provide high level, competitive Masters, Seniors and Youth events, for which there is a lack of, but also an increasing appetite for them. On The Seven Events are here to meet that demand.

To say we are experts in Touch is true, but OT7 is not just about the sport. We believe in the whole experience and everything that makes that experience unique. We’re continually striving to improve the experience of participating and ensuring our customers enjoy the moment, their games and tell others about our great sport too.

With over two decades of experience of delivering high quality major Touch events around the world, our team is looking to fill the gaps in the calendar with much needed ‘open entry’ events in the UK, Europe and Northern Hemisphere.

We aim to bring you a plethora of exciting new events, from Men's and Women's Seniors and Masters events, to Youth and high-end invitational Club events.

Our ambitions are to deliver a fantastic, competitively priced and memorable range of tournaments for all involved, ensuring all participants have as memorable and enjoyable experience as possible

Fun, hassle free, competitive, Touch tournaments

Our focus is on the participant experience, ensuring high quality, premier Touch tournaments that cuts out the hassle and red tape of event admin. A simple entry process and minimised restrictions will have you On The Seven in no time!

With easy to understand, simplified and reduced eligibility rules, no referee quotas or affiliation fees, simple kit requirements, the ability to enter multiple teams and open to all national associations, we make the whole customer journey effortless!

Our events offer additional opportunities for players, referees and coaches alike, making them invaluable for the development of the whole of your squad. We will be working with the relevant refereeing and coaching commissions to facilitate both mentoring

and upgrade opportunities across the board.


Following the success our local social leagues and Northern Super Series in Manchester, England, to our more recently critically acclaimed Touch N Tapas event in Torrevieja, Spain, we are continuing to build our events portfolio.

Even in years where there is a ‘Major Championships’, we believe our events will be a great opportunity for these age categories, to play more competitive games both as team bonding experiences, and as a great addition to the calendar

We look forward to seeing you On The Seven!


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