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Matt Boesen, ex European Touch Federation President and Referee commission member, has commended our team on their professionalism, attention to detail and strongly recommends you create a standing reservation in the diary for 2023 and beyond.

OT7 founder, Gregg Cropper, stated

Following our request to the European Referee Commission, we were thrilled to have one of the top referee coaches in the northern hemisphere attending and providing assistance, feedback and coaching for our referee team.
On a personal level, I’ve got a lot of respect for Matt’s pragmatic approach, and we always work well together, for the best outcome for our sport.

Matt commented his thoughts on the event. For an inaugural event at a new location, supported by a new growth club, the quality of the event was outstanding. The location, the local support, and the attention to fine detail speaks to the highest standards experienced in Europe, and rivalling some of the best worldwide.

This event shows huge promise for years to come. The combined attractions of the facility, location, and local community support – all backed by professional event management by On The Seven - force you to create a standing reservation in the diary for 2023 and beyond.

The experienced team at On The Seven provided an efficient and hassle-free experience for officials that helps enhance their performance on-field. Gregg’s team covered all of those needs, and allowed a focus on the games at the grounds, and helped enjoyment of the fantastic atmosphere of the location while recuperating.

Boesen quoted:

“I have high standards when it comes to professional events, and the inaugural Touch N Tapas tournament managed by On The Seven Events, exceeded those expectations. The quality of the location, the facilities provided, and all of the assisting services personnel, leaves me eager to come back in 2023.”
“Gregg’s professional team made for a great experience for the match officials. His dedicated organisers supported all of our needs, and allowed us to focus on the great standard of play provided by international teams from as far away as the North and South Americas.”
“When you are asked to recommend quality events, you look at the location, the community and facilities, and the teams and officials that are attracted. In all these respects, Touch n Tapas has established itself as a solid contender for the best high-class season opener in the European Touch community. My hat goes off to Gregg and the team at On The Seven events.”

Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming events as they’re released, and sign up to our mailing list so you’re upto date.


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