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We are finally here and excited for the inaugural OT7TNT event, in Torrevieja, Spain.

Firstly – THANK YOU!

Thank you for supporting our first international event, we well aware this has not been an easy time for everyone involved, with Covid uncertainty, fluctuations in regulations, changes of event date and the financial burden of the past 2 years.

With teams, players and referees coming from around the globe, we are very grateful for everyone‘s attendance, and as we look to make this event an annual one, we will not forget your support as one of our founding attendees.

Playing Schedules

Live Stream

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch all the field one action, LIVE.

We very much look forward to meeting those of you that we haven’t already, as well as welcoming those of you we already know.

We hope that the event will be a great success and that you will all enjoy yourselves.



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