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Team REF

When you stash up all your referees with brand new polos and shiny new whistles

To have a great event, you need great referees. To ensure we have the right caliber attend, we do a few simple things:

Treat them well, Make it simple, covered their in-country costs.

Being part of the Touch Nโ€™ Tapas referee team, each ref received:

๐Ÿจ Free accommodation including Full Board

๐Ÿš• Free ground transport to/from fields/hotel

๐Ÿป Free entry into the after party (Inc Tapas/Drink)

๐ŸŽฝ Bespoke referee kit and a shiny new acme thunderer whistle and lanyard.

๐Ÿ˜Ž High quality coaching and upgrade opportunity (if applicable)

A huge thanks to the 16 strong OT7TNT referee team

  1. Daniel Clark

  2. Ewen Macdonald

  3. Gene McDonald

  4. Graham Moy

  5. Gregor Wightman

  6. Hannah Lear

  7. James Beasley

  8. Jen Lee

  9. Kevin Pongola

  10. Lewis Husbands

  11. Matt Boesen

  12. Paul Black

  13. Tonka Selby

  14. Victor Masjuan

  15. Vincent Lebacq

  16. Zak Moy

Finals refs

Congrats to the three cup finals referees, who did a fantastic job in facilitating an excellent game between strong competitors.

  • Gregor Wightman

  • James Beasley

  • Jen Lee

Thanks to our resident OT7 referee coach, Matt โ€˜Shanghaiโ€™ Boesen, who helped the referees in achieving their goals and improving their standard across the board too.

Matt had this to say about the event:

โ€œI have high standards when it comes to professional events, and the inaugural Touch N' Tapas event managed by On The Seven Events exceeded those expectations. The quality of the location, the facilities provided, and all of the assisting services personnel leaves me eager to come back in 2023.โ€
โ€œGreggโ€™s professional team made for a great experience for the match officials. His dedicated organisers supported all of our needs, and allowed us to focus on the great standard of play provided by international teams from as far away as the North and South Americas.โ€
โ€œWhen you are asked to recommend quality events, you look at the location, the community and facilities, and the teams and officials that are attracted. In all these respects, Touch n Tapas has established itself as a solid contender for the best high-class season opener in the European Touch community. My hat goes off to Gregg and the team at On The Seven.โ€

We managed to get some referee assessments in, too. Our only eligible referee passed his upgrade, a huge well done Lewis Husbands, who added this about the event:

โ€œA brilliant two days with its fair share of drama and surprises on the pitch, tapas, socials, cerveza and special guests off the pitch, but for me the best team was the refereeing team - what a hilarious (and professional collective) bunchโ€


Finally well done to our MVR (most valuable referee of the day, James Beasley. An worthy recipient of the MVR title, following his excellent commentary, along with his onfield leadership and control.


Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming events as theyโ€™re released, and sign up to our mailing list so youโ€™re upto date.

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