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We are pleased to launch our 2021 calendar of events

As we remain optimistic during these difficult times, we’ve begun looking ahead, and are excited to share with you our updated 2021 tournament dates and venues.

With an ever-increasing player base, and an appetite for high level competition to match, our premier Master’s, Seniors and Youth events are here to meet that demand.

We also see the need for an open entry, high level, club event in England, along with a some winter sun for all!

📍 26th June | Mens 40s | Manchester

📍 27th June | Mens 45s/50s | Manchester

📍 3rd July | Mens 30s/X30 | Oxford

📍 4th July | Womens 27s/35s/40s | Oxford

📍 17th & 18th July | Youth (15/18/20) | Manchester

📍 14th & 15th August | XO (Invite only) | Banbury

📍 12th & 13th November | Seniors & Masters | Torrevieja, Spain

📍 18th & 19th November | MO, WO & XO | Abu Dhabi


Whether your first, or 100th event, we aim to ensure it's an experience to remember forever.

We look forward to seeing you On The Seven!

Entry fees for the UK based events are £300 per day.

This is on the basis on creating them to be less than £20 per day, per player for a team of 16.


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