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Think your club is #1? There's only one way to find out!

With focus usually fixed on major international events, the On The Seven Events team are bringing you a much requested 'Champions Challenge' tournament, to celebrate the competitive club competitions that operate throughout Europe each year.

With a highly competitive list of teams invited to the inaugural OT7 Throwdown, and a missing year of competitive club Touch, it will be almost impossible to pinpoint a potential winner.

Following the cancellation of the other 'must do' events on the Golden Series circuit, this two day mixed open event in Banbury, England, will be high on the top flight clubs’ agenda!

England's ex-pat filled Hot Custard took the spoils at the 2019 EFT Club Championships, so will be revved up to see if they can add the OT7 Throwdown to their trophy cabinet.

Scotland's Six Pack Roosters are another firm favourite, with a strong 2019 performance, and Ireland's rebranded Old Wesley's (formally Donnybrook) are also not to be overlooked!

Bareback Riders will likely head into the event as another favourites, 2018 and 2019 England Touch National Series winners, finalists at the 2018 Capital Cup and series winners of GIF, they have very strong pedigree boasting a host of international players from Scotland, Wales and England.

England will have further invitations with the likes of Cambridge Hornets, London Scorpions and London Eagles all getting invited due to their exceptional form and squad depth over the past couple of seasons.

Two Middle Eastern teams have shown interest, as well as Galaxy Prague, out of the Czech Republic keen to get in on the action. France's top flight teams, Toulouse, SMH Blues, Free Touch (Squirrels) and CDR may also take up their spots.

We have also extended invites to: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria (Serdi Touch), England (London Galaxy and Thames Valley Vikings), Guernsey (Source), Jersey (Leopards), Luxembourg (RCL Touch), Netherlands (Mokum Masters), Portugal (Aees Agraria de Coimbra), Scotland (Buffalos), Spain (Barcelona and San Roque Touch), Sweden, Switzerland (Geezers), all of who will no doubt provide an excellent standard of competition and contribute to what promises to be an exciting and high-quality tournament.

Germany's Touch Berlin and Frankfurt will be extended an invite, as well as Ireland's Dublin City. Will the new kids on the block, Wild Bunch Touch, cause an upset in the inaugural OT7 Throwdown... we will have to wait and see!

Both days will be live streamed, so you won't miss a minute of field one's action!

Dates: 14th & 15th July 2021

Venue: Banbury RFC, England

Entry Fee: £600


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