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Mens 30s, 35s

Mixed 30s
Women's 27s, 35s

As a senior player, finding events to maximise your opportunity to play at the highest level can be tricky.

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Our events are specifically tailored to offer high level, competitive game time against similar opposition in an elite environment. 

The Mens 30s division have seen a recent decline, but we believe our hassle free, high quality events can begin to buck this trend. 

Similarly, the Mens 35s fell off the 2020 Euros schedule, with countries not being able to field teams.

Is this due to not enough opportunities to play and consolidate teams in this category?

Entries for 2020 European Champs had 16 teams in these divisions from 9 countries, with the 2019 Touch World Cup boasting 26 teams rising from 18 in 2015 from 14 countries.

The skill level and athletic abilities of these athletes is still top drawer, and adding more competitions in the calendar will only strengthen these divisions even more.


The Seniors divisions are growing all the time, especially in the women’s categories, boasting seven teams entering the 2019 Womens 27s division.

Likewise the Womens 35s divisions, which had four teams locking in their entries for the 2020 European Championships, doubling from 2018. 


The Senior Mixed is also expanding rapidly, displaying a 80% increase from 2015 with 11 teams entering. 

Our aim is to give this category more opportunities for women’s teams to play, competitively.


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MEN'S 30s

Date and Venue:

📍 3rd July | Mens 30s/X30 | Oxford

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Seniors Events: Text


Date and Venue:

📍 3rd July | Mens 30s/X30 | Oxford

Seniors Events: Event Portfolio


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WOMENS 27s, 35s

Date and Venue:

📍 4th June | Womens 27s/35s/40s | Oxford

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