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Young players are the future of our sport and we are here to cater for their needs further, so they commit to a lifetime of Touch.

Why wait until tomorrow to discover the champion you are today” was the original strapline when the first Junior Touch Championships was held back in 2014, consisting of only a Mixed 18s division comprising of just six teams.

Fast forward 10 years and albeit the Youth scene has further developed slowly, there's still only one competitive event per year for the youth grades.

Our aim is to fast track the growth and provide additional opportunities, for the retention and further development of young people in our sport; coaching opportunities for those involved with youth development and a mechanism to introduce young people to refereeing.

We are launching two Youth events in 2024, to act as a focal point to introduce young people to the sport of Touch in a culturally diverse environment; regardless of their origin, social status, gender, and sporting aptitude.

Our motivation is to provide youth teams additional playing opportunities, to ensure they’re building their experience and are ready for international duties.



Round 1 - 18 & 19 May

Round 2 - 17 & 18 August


Manchester, England

Sale FC Rugby Training Ground, Carrington Lane, Sale, Manchester, M31 4AE


X15, B18, G18, X18, X23


£300 per team, per day

(We aim to keep the entry fee below £20 per person per day, for a team of 16)



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