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We have 5 teams, from 5 countries entering this division.

  • Dutch Lions

  • 󠁧󠁿󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿FIGJAM

  • Mardi Violets

  • Norse Code

  • Steiböck

The format will be a Round Robin, and the winner will be decided by league placement on Day One. Day Two, will be our ShootOut, which will cross pools with the X30s.

On paper, FIGJAM from England are current favourites, having won the European Championships in 2022 and have a strong line up.

That said, the self proclaimed 'Your biggest nightmare - The Dutch Lions' will be looking to battle for the title, following their runners up status from the 2021 Senior Champs in Coimbra.

Steibock won the aforementioned Senior Champs, and landed mid table at Euros in '22, and so will be looking to take it one further here in Spain.

Mardi Violets are an unknown, so we expect the unexpected from them, whilst Norse Code have a number of history makers in their squad, who were part of the first Swedish team to win a game at Euros - EVER.


We have 6 teams, from 5 countries entering this division.

  • English Titans

  • 󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿Killer Whales

  • Malaysia

  • Portugal Foxes

  • Scottish Stags

  • Touch N Me, Touch N You

The category is made up of Men's 40s, 45s and 50s teams, with teams from developing countries, to tier one nations too.

The format will be a round robin over 5 games and 2 days, culminating in Finals & Placing Games // 1v2, 3v4, 5v6.

Killer Whales are going in as tipped favourites, with a number of players boasting 50+ international caps for Wales, with several members of this squad being involved in winning Gold at the Senior Touch Championships in Portugal in 2019 and 2021.

Hot on their heels will likely be the English Titans, the Men's 45s team, who took Gold at the 2022 Euros, pipping Wales to the post in an epic 3 minute drop off, and a valiant effort and come back following their pool results against them.

You shouldn't underestimate the Scottish Stags either. With Haggis, Whisky and Irn-Bru packed and ready for the trip, they have strength and depth in their ranks and are looking to make their mark at this years Touch N Tapas event.

We are excited to see what Malaysia bring to the table, following their recent coached sessions from Peter Walters/Sport Coach and George Jahnke.

Both England's TouchN'Me, TouchN'You and Portugal's Foxes M50s teams will be battling it out, as a great building block to their Euros campaign too. Will they upset any of the more youthful teams, time will tell!


We have 5 teams, entering this division, with three English teams, a German contingent, along with a 'Global Select' team.

  • OT7 All stars

  • Narwhals

  • Sea Unicorns

  • Triple Threat

The format will be a Round Robin, and the winner will be decided by league placement on Day One. Day Two, will be our ShootOut, which will cross pools with the M30s.

This division looks set to be the closest and nigh on impossible to call the winners so early.

Narhwals and Sea Unicorns come armed with a wide range of talent, making up the England X30s squad, training together for Euros. They've split into two, and without knowing if there's an even talent split… who knows!

OT7 All stars are looking strong, with bags of talent across the squad, littered with international experience from Canada, England, Guernsey, Netherlands, Scotland,

Spain and Switzerland. They'll have to gel quickly as a team to be in contention though.

Triple Threat come as an invitational XO team, with master tactician Tim Osborne joining them, whilst Oscar Davies, Ross Bray and Daniela Mendes look to build on their aspirations to make a national team this summer for the first time.

Time will tell who will come out on top.


We have a whopping 7 teams entered, with two Scottish, two Welsh, one German team, along with three, yes you read it right, THREE European select teams.

  • Euro Comets

  • Euro Jets

  • Euro Stars

  • Humble Brag

  • Pumpernickels

  • Summer Camp Champs

  • Welsh Titans

The division is made up of Women's 27s and 35s teams. The format will be a round robin culminating in knockout games, Semi's Finals & Placing Games.

Scotland's Humble Brag and Summer Camp Champs will be hot favorites, the silver medalists from the 2022 European Champs.

The Welsh women's teams have been strong for over a decade, so we are expecting them to be pushing for a top spot too, with a number of stalwarts amongst their ranks.

Pumpernickels are coming from Germany, with very little known about them so far, will they be the dark horse team, full of surprises - Time will tell.

The three Euro teams are an enigma, with an every evolving squad. They won the 2019 Senior Champs, and also entered TNT last year, with excellent results. They will need get to know each other on day 1 of this tournament, to fulfill their potential, which they no-doubt will!


🗓 : Friday 17th & Saturday 18th March 2023

📍 : Torrevieja, Spain

🤼‍♂️ : Seniors and Masters - Women’s, Men’s and Mixed categories.

There's still time to sign up as a referee too.

Subscribe and watch here:

Playing schedule will be released soon, for you to keep track of the results too.


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