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On The Seven are proud to support International Women’s day 2021 and will continue to support the amazing women and girls within our company and our sport!

Part of our ethos and core philosophy behind OT7, is that we seek to promote equal opportunities to ensure that anyone who wishes to play the game should be able to do so without prejudice. Our aims are to ensure that everyone has a genuine and equal opportunity to participate in Touch at all levels and in all roles and that they are treated fairly, equally and with respect.

With an ever-increasing player base, and an appetite for high level competition to match, our premier Women’s events are here to meet that demand.

The Seniors divisions are growing all the time, especially in the women’s categories, boasting seven teams entering the Womens 27s division at the fateful 2020 European Champs. Likewise the Womens 35s divisions, which had four teams locking in their entries, doubling from 2018. 

The Womens Masters are progressing too, we are here to further help the growth of women’s Touch, with high level playing opportunities outside of the ‘majors’, with the addition of a Womens 40s category too and are working with some great and passionate women to get this off the ground!

Our aim is to give more opportunities for women’s teams to play, competitively.

We want all of our female participants to feel empowered and to be able to chase their dreams without feeling bound by social limitations and we are working hard to fight for gender equality within all areas of our domestic activity and on the international stage.

We look forward to seeing everyone back on the field, especially the women’s teams, so we’ve created a women’s day of our own on 4 July 2021.


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