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Following successful conversations with Touch España president, Victor Francisco, we are delighted to announce our collaboration for the forthcoming Touch N’ Tapas event, being held in Alicante, in March 2023.

Part of our ethos is to seek to help grow the game of Touch, throughout the world. Our partnership with Touch España is testimony to the work we are doing here at On The Seven Events. We are working on development and legacy proposal options as at OT7 we believe that supporting Torrevieja Sharks and Touch España in developing and promoting the sport will be beneficial for everyone.

Introduction to Touch and Open Training Camp

On The Seven Events and Torrevieja Sharks Rugby will organise a Pre-Tournament training camp and "Introduction to Touch" coaching sessions for all ages and abilities to highlight and educate the sport of Touch to the local population of Torrevieja and surrounding regions.

The coaching sessions would be coordinated by personnel from On The Seven Events and Touch España with on site assistance and guidance from Torrevieja Sharks Rugby and additional volunteers.


We aim to assist hosts, Torrevieja Sharks Rugby, deriving from the exposure and success of the Touch Tournament, to form a new section and sister club "Torrevieja Sharks Touch" in association with and affiliated to Touch España and recruit from all ages and abilities before, during and after the On The Sevens two day event and beyond.

Our vision, and that of Torrevieja Sharks Touch, is to form a lasting sustainable club with a regular training and playing competition schedule. They will have the combined and continued support of the Torrevieja Sports Council throughout.

Referee Upskilling

Making on the run decisions and interventions is a skill only practised and mastered with opportunities and mentoring, coaching and upskilling from referees developers.

We have begun reaching out to the relevant commissions to facilitate both mentoring and upgrade opportunities at our event.

Victor Francisco commented on the proposals, saying:

“I’m very happy to receive these proposals and I can commit to support and organise seminars, courses and training camps for Torrevieja Sharks Touch and the wider clubs in the Valencia Region.
The addition of Torrevieja Sharks Touch to the existing and in the process of formation clubs in the Valencia Region it will help greatly the development of the sport here in Spain”

OT7 added:

“We are excited to be bringing an OT7 event to Spain, and working with Touch Espana, Toreveija Sharks to deliver a high quality Touch event with ongoing benefits to the sport and region.”

Check out more about the Touch N' Tapas event and how to enter, here:


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