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We try to keep things as simple as possible!


Our events do not have official Tier status. No World Ranking points will be awarded.

If nations entering wish to record caps, then they do so for their own records only.



We aim to ensure our events are hassle free and have minimal red-tape.

Players eligible for the 2023 Touch World Cup in a given category, can ‘age up’ in our Seniors and Masters events. This will allow them the opportunity to play with that squad, and give coaching staff the chance to see them in a competitive environment.


Playing Divisions

The categories and abbreviations are:



  • Mixed 15             / X15

  • Boys 18               / B18

  • Girls 18                / G18

  • Mixed 18             / X18

  • Mixed U23          / U23 (18+)



  • Mens 30s            / M30s

  • Mens 35s            / M35s

  • Mixed 30s           / X30s

  • Womens 27s      / W27s

  • Womens 35s      / W35s



  • Mens 40s            / M40s

  • Mens 45s            / M45s

  • Mens 50s            / M50s

  • Womens 40s      / W40s



  • Mens Open         / MO

  • Mixed Open        / XO

  • Womens Open   / WO


Players may participate in more than one division if they wish.


Minimal consideration will be given to avoiding clashes in the scheduling of matches for individuals who are fulfilling multiple roles (player, coach, manager) or playing in multiple categories during the event, however if we are alerted early enough, we will do what we can to assist.

Code of conduct?



Kit Requirements

Kit requirements are simple – matching kit, with no duplicate numbers is all you need. No specific logos, or sponsor restrictions are in place.


Come in your national kit or a kit of your choosing – it’s up to you!


Participant Protection

Supervision of Under-Age Participants

Teams entering are responsible for the direct supervision of any player or referee who is under the age of 18 years.


Minimum Age

14 is a guideline, but this is not a rule.


Although our sport is minimal contact, differences in mental, physical, social, and emotional maturity may expose individuals to unnecessary risk. Any team entering players under 14 should think of the risk and mitigate where possible.



Photography will be taken at all our events. This is to capture an overall flavour of the day so we can’t guarantee that your team will have photos taken of your matches. If you do want to have photos taken of one or more of your matches, then we can arrange this at a cost of £25 per match.


All participants and spectators accept that by attending our events they may be photographed and/or filmed and that these images may be used by us for promotion of the sport and our events.

Video Analysis

Those wishing to record games, may take up a position in the centre of the field no less than five metres behind the Dead Ball Line. Videographers must aim to stay stationary throughout the match. Video cameras are not permitted in the sub-­box.


Division Viability

We have a ‘let them play’ mentality and will run a division when 2 teams enter.

If teams subsequently withdraw leaving only one team, it’s highly likely the division will not proceed unless we can move the team into another divisions i.e. M35 play in M30 division. This will be discussed with those affected prior to decisions being made.


Multiple Entries

Our events offer additional opportunities for players, referees and coaches alike, making them invaluable for the development of the whole of your squad.


Therefore, you can enter multiple teams.


We aim to help countries national High Performance programmes to use our events to give additional opportunities, outside of training camps, to play competitively, in well organised, high quality environments. National Squads can enter two teams and use it for talent ID and selection purposes, as a team bonding exercise, or both!


Late Entry and Refund Policy

Entries received after the closing date will only be accepted at the convenience of the division.

A partial refund of 50% of the team entry fee will be made to any team that has entered and subsequently withdraws prior to the closing date. Fees will not be refunded to any team that has entered and subsequently withdraws after the closing date.


Event Operations

Playing Rules

The 5th Edition of the FIT Playing Rules will be utilised at all our events. These can be downloaded from our resources page:


Team Briefings

A captain and referee briefing may be held prior to the commencement of the event.

Any details of this will be sent closer to the time, in event specific documentation.


Insurance Cover

As hosts, we will provide public liability insurance only.

All other insurances are the responsibility of participating teams and individual participants.


Match Balls

Balls will be supplied prior to each match.

A limited quantity of our branded balls will be available for purchase.


Competition Points

All preliminary stages teams will earn the following competition points.

  • 4 points for a win or win by forfeit or due to a bye

  • 2 points for a draw

  • 1 point for a loss

  • 0 points for a loss by forfeit


The competition ladder will be sorted with the following precedence:

  • Competition points

  • Differences (touchdowns scored ­ touchdowns conceded)

  • Percentages (touchdowns scored ÷ touchdowns conceded)


If two teams are equal in these three aspects and a clear choice is required for progression the results of matches between the two teams will be isolated and sorted as above.

If still equal a Drop-Off will be used to determine which team will progress.


If two teams are equal in these three aspects and both will progress but there is an advantage to be had by placing higher the results of matches between the two teams will be isolated and sorted as above. If still equal a coin toss will be used to determine which team will place higher.



Teams should be at their playing field five minutes prior to the scheduled commencement of their match.

It is the responsibility of team captains to report to the match referees so that the toss of the coin can be performed without delay to the start of play. If a team is not at the field at the advertised starting time of the game the attending team will be awarded the winning of the toss.


The offending team will receive a maximum of five minutes from the commencement of the game to take up a position ready to commence play.

For every whole minute the offending team delays the start of the match one penalty try will be awarded to the non­offending team. If the offending team is not in a position ready to commence play after five minutes have elapsed the game will be declared a forfeit and the non­offending team will be awarded a 5­0 win.


Protest, Disputes and Discipline

Any protest or dispute must be lodged in writing within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the event or match in question to the Event Director or their delegate. At this time the report will assessed and if warranted will be referred to an appropriate convening authority.

Applications will not be accepted for refereeing decisions during the conduct of a match.



In the event of a player being sent from the field for the remainder of the game, an automatic two match suspension will apply unless the appropriate convening authority considers further action is warranted.


Any player who receives three separate periods of time (excluding team technical offences) will be required to appear before Tournament Management to show cause why they should not be given an automatic two match suspension (or more if the appropriate convening authority considers further action is warranted).


Suspensions will be applied to the next two matches a team participates in, at the event. It does not include byes, or if the player belongs to a team that forfeits in a match. Games forfeited to the suspended player’s team will count.


Participant Welfare

Medical Cover

As part of our commitment to quality and making our events competitive and safe, we will provide suitably trained medical staff, available for triage and first aid.


Please note that there will be a £5.00 charge for taping (free if you supply your own).

Why not check out our friends and partners shops for your products.


If teams supply their own medical staff, they must ensure they possess adequate qualifications and insurances.


Blood Bin

Any player with a bleeding cut or abrasion is to leave the field immediately and have the cut or abrasion cleaned and covered. At this time any blood stained clothing and equipment must also be cleaned or replaced.

Only after the flow of blood has been stemmed, the cut or abrasion cleaned and covered, any blood

stained clothing and equipment cleaned or replaced may the player return to the field.



Any player with concussion or suspected concussion should be immediately and permanently removed from training or play.

Appropriate emergency management procedures must be followed.

The injured player must not return to any activity that day and should be medically assessed.

In all cases of concussion or suspected concussion it is strongly recommended that the player is referred to a medical or healthcare professional for diagnosis and guidance regarding management and return to play, even if the symptoms resolve. It should only be in rare and exceptional circumstances that a player with concussion or suspected concussion is not medically assessed.


Extreme Weather

Hot weather

If the air temperature exceeds 35°C, any games already underway will be completed and any subsequent games will be played as quarters with a two (2) minute break between periods.

If the air temperature exceeds 38°C, play will be suspended until such time that the temperature decreases to below 38°C.

When temperatures fall below 35°C games will return to the regular format.


Wet weather

The Event Director may suspend play during wet weather either for the safety of participants or to ensure that surfaces remain playable for the remainder of the event.

If possible, match duration for remaining fixtures will not be altered however in order to complete the event this may be unavoidable.


Transport and Accommodation

All transport and accommodation arrangements associated with participation in the event is to be arranged by the teams entering.


Official Tourism Partner

Planning any travel, let alone for a team of 16+ can be daunting, and so we've teamed up with the team at Perfection Travel & Events Ltd to help you with all your travel and accommodation needs.


Their aim is to support your team(s) on perfect travel to improve pre-match preparation for the team.


Contact Sharon Hill: +447545074362,


Entry Fees

All monetary amounts to be paid to On The Seven Events must be in GBP. Any small discrepancies due to transaction fees may be paid at the event, in cash/drinks.

Force Majeure

If we are unable to perform, in whole or in part, any obligation under these regulations due to a Force Majeure Event, On The Seven Events are relieved of that obligation under these regulations to the extent and the period it is unable to perform.

In addition we have no obligation to refund to any individual or team any fees paid if it is unable to perform by reason of a Force Majeure Event. We will of course, recover what we can.


Version: 1.0

Published: 15/12/2020

Effective from: 15/12/2020

Author: OT7 Team

Approved: OT7 Founder

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